Something Brewing?

Something Brewing?

Something’s Percolating!!

(It’s an Idea!)

Do you feel it too? The whole world seems to be percolating with stress. It’s an odd sort of tension that people are gradually taking on and absorbing. The empaths of the world are literally pulling their hair out IF (and that’s a big IF) they are letting the energy of the world affect them.

Now THAT tension, by the way, is NEGATIVE. And you know the saying, “What you focus about you bring about!” So why focus on what you don’t want? Why focus on the shift the world is going through (even the one you can’t change.) Why not determine what you want changed and work towards that change?

What would you change if you could? What would YOU become? What would YOU strive for? What would you MAKE OR DO OR BE?

I’M STILL PERCOLATING, FRIENDS! By that, I’m hatching just one small idea. And it’s free. YES! I said free!

You see, I’m exhausted of the fear mongering, the political arguing, basically ALL of the BS floating around out there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.   So what should I do about it???

Well, I’ve decided to do 1 FREE group stress session. I’ll be posting info with my local chamber pages, and in groups I’m a part of. What will it be and how will it help you? Simple. I want to keep it simple for you! So I’m going to teach One minute self hypnosis. Something you can take with you every day from the moment you learn it. Not to worry, it won’t make you trance out or lose control or anything like that.   It will be completely eyes open and it takes me longer to teach it than it will take you to do it. I’ll post day/time etc. here for you to find it.

You WILL have to PM me for an invite to the special facebook page (I’ll probably have to have a release of some kind.)

I’ll have more details as they materialize!

Let’s change the world one human at a time! Starting with YOU!

Why Dream Ordinary?

Vicky Thomas