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Today’s demand for skilled professional hypnotists reflects society’s more demanding lifestyle and environment.

The Professional Hypnotist Practitioner market is large, wide and varied. Stress reduction, smoking cessation, academic improvement, weight control and pain management make up only a few of the may hypnotic applications.

A convincing argument could have made that every  man, woman and child in America would benefit from participation in and educational hypnosis program.  Unfortunately this isn’t possible.  There simply are not enough hypnotists to go around.

When you consider there is one lawyer for every 265 Americans compared to  one hypnotist for every 64,000 Americans – the message becomes crystal clear–we need more hypnotists.

Making the problem worse, many of today’s most skilled hypnotists choose to make their living in hypnosis from paid public speaking, seminars, consulting and teaching.  America wants and  needs skilled professional hypnotists now.  Hypnosis widespread acceptance in the mainstream of education and human development has created unparalleled potential for a career as a professional hypnotist.  The absolute best thing about a career as a professional hypnotist is the gratification you get from helping people enjoy a higher quality of life. What could be better of more rewarding?  To find out if you qualify for a career in the exciting and rewarding field of hypnosis, ask us for information about a school of hypnosis near you.

If you are genuinely interested in a career as a professional hypnotist we recommend attending a Master Hypnotist Society approved school.  M.H.S. schools insure your curriculum is complete and your training meets the highest standards in the hypnosis industry.  When you learn from an M.H.S. school, you qualify to take the M.H.S. exam for completion of certification.

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