1.   YOU SAID YOU WOULD!  Many of you made this promise…to yourself, your loved ones, your friends.  And you made a liar out of yourself.  Sure, you tried.  It lasted 2 days.  You smoked something else instead, but didn’t really quit.  YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.  (And, believe it or not you stink!)  But maybe you’d like to change that.
  2. YOU REALIZE IT REALLY IS AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH.  You wake up, hack, cough, hack, choke up a disgusting thing…and blame your allergies.  Nope.  WAKE-UP!  YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO SMOKE!  You’re body was NOT born smoking.  (And please don’t blame your parents who smoked!)  My father was a 3 pack a day chain smoker, and while I thought it was cool in 8th grade, I quickly grew up to understand I didn’t want that, didn’t need that.  (By the way, Dad DIED from smoke related “natural causes” at the ripe old age of 66.  I could have used him around longer.)
  3. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOUR BURNING UP IN $$$ JUST TO SUCK ON SOMETHING YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE OR WANT TO CONTROL YOU!   With the new $2.00 tax on cigarettes you are actually spending around $7.00 per pack.  Good Grief!!! If you smoke a pack a day that’s $50.00 a week, $210.00 a month, $2,555.00 per year.  (And ‘ honest here…most folks who tell me they smoke a pack a day, really smoke up to 3 packs, they just have a liars way of counting them.  (They don’t count when your drinking, vaping, bumming one from a friend, smoke by a campfire, roll your own, buy in bulk, or hide outside cuz no one sees you smoke. Oh, but seriously, they really don’t count if the sun comes up on the east coast, and you are on the west coast, and it’s still dark, and you blow the smoke towards the west while standing on one foot…that really doesn’t count!)
  4. YOU’VE TRIED TO DO IT YOURSELF.  (Ok, I’ll lighten up on you a bit here.)  It’s true, most smokers have tried the many do-it-yourself ways to stop smoking.  There’s the patch, which, (in many cases) actually increases the nicotine in your system.  There’s the pills, (which cause raging temper tantrums, and anxiety attacks) and of course cold turkey, which you will say worked until your wife/husband/kid/dog, ticked you off and so you HAD to smoke.
    • “I left the office that first day with a feeling I had not had in years, HOPE!  I became a non-smoker in the first session.  The follow-ups gave me so much more control.” Sandy, Lancaster, CA.
    • “You started me on the path to living healthier.  It’s been a year and I am smoke free, AND 20 pounds lighter. I am extremely proud!” Patti Fee
    • “I quit smoking immediately after my first session, boy, was I surprised!”  Val Jones
    • “I smoked 3 packs a day and have smoked for 55 years.  I quit that first session.  But I didn’t believe it.  So I NEEDED the follow ups.  They kept me believing in myself!  It’s been 8 weeks and no smoking.  Even my Dr. didn’t believe it.  I’m a believer!  I’m passing on your cards to my cardiologist, my oncologist, and my primary care physician!  Thank-you!  Hypnosis made it easy.”  Connie, Lancaster, CA.
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