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I have to admit, Chief (Jim Thomas) and I had our cable disconnected about 5 yeast ago.  We made the decision because TV was horrible.  All of the “popular” shows had bad guys as the heroes. Drug dealers, drug makers, bored and cheating housewives, sports people who were sleeping around like hormonal dogs. And that was probably the prime time family shows!  We spent more time channel flipping than actually watching.  So, we disconnected. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t judging average Joe.  We were judging ourselves.  If these were the shows were were watching, then what were we absorbing?  Oh, and the commercials!  WOW!  what human condition do you have that needs a drug, or a beauty product?

Well, this week, I’m housesitting where there is cable.  Wow, “It” has only gotten worse!  There are prison shows, prisoners training dogs, prisoners wives, pregnant teens, 30 somethings who can’t hold a job and drink like fish, haunted shows, naked survivalist, and it goes on and on.  How much are these shows molding our family, friends and our society?  Choose wisely, my friends!

I am so concerned for the parents of teens.  Your work is cut out for you.  If your teens are learning about sexual themes from TV you are in for some crazy times.

I am so concerned about your little ones.  Even some of their shows have adult themes that are way above their maturity level.  Ugh.  My heart goes out to you.  I still like Sesame Street, though!

What if you watched a good movie with a great theme.

The Quiet Man with John Wayne comes to mind.

The Color of Money

The Jerk

The Princess Bride (has several cool themes!)


A Christmas Carol

The Karate Kid

What if you began to really watch what your family (and you) are watching and look for the themes that are attracting you.  What is the theme and why do you find it attractive?  How much of that crazy theme is becoming your family dynamic?

I challenge you to find some GREAT movies with GREAT themes. Things like Faith, working at a relationship, family themes about working for an outcome, being an adult, positive outcomes.  GO!

I’d love to hear from you about this topic!


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