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Special thanks to both Julie Nise and Rose Hong Klein and the entire class of hypnotists at Southeast Hypnosis in Friendswood, TX.  Now, Friendswood is a beautiful suburb of Houston, so if you’re looking for hypnosis in Houston, please connect and give them a call.  We had an amazing class of new, advanced, and master hypnotists here this week.  Some of the careers we had represented were, Liscenced Professional Counselors (and hypnotists!)  (2), Sales Manager  (and hypnotist) (1),  IT Specialist (and hypnotist),(1) and Manager of Cyber Support (And hypnotist) (1).  And may I repeat, they were simply amazing!

Here are some of the comments I heard and the end of class:

“I already had my first client, and he was a pack and a half a day smoker, and after only 1 session, he dropped to only 1/2 a cigarette a day!”

“I know I can help a client from start to finish.”

“I was blown away by how much I learned!”

“Come in open mined and be ready to learn a lot of tools that will not only help you, but so many others you can help!”

and of course, my all time favorite,

“Dr. Vicky Rocks!”