The Internet Social Networking.

It’s a love/hate relationship, right?  You check your computer daily (or several times a day.) You have it on your “smart” phone.  You want to see what’s going on with your family and friends, but someone told you that if you post 12 times a day, you’ll increase your business.  Well, guess what?  NOT TRUE!  At a networking talk today this was our final topic.  And most comments were NEGATIVE!

“No one cares what you are having for lunch!”

“No One wants to know WHERE you are 24/7 except of course your mother!  And even SHE wants you to grow up! Become a little more independent!”

“And what about __________________________________ !  She posts EVERYTHING!”

“I wouldn’t know!  I un-friend-ed her because she posted every thing including bowel movements!”


So, my mentoring students are learning how to blog, AND stay relevant in this crazy world of social media.  And they are doing very well!

Let’s go over YOUR purpose for social media.  Is it:

A attempt to grab on to free media? If so, focus on your business and slap a discount coupon up there, instead of sharing a sarcastic saying.

A true connection to your family and friends?  Not really.

Strangely replacing the REAL moments of your life, like lunch with friends, or a REAL networking group?

What if you spent the same amount of time picking up the telephone, and calling your clients, family, or friends?  Hmmmmm.

Just sayin’

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