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Since training and mentoring hypnotists since 2005, along with running an amazing practice, I’ve been graced with teaching hypnosis to many people.  Here are some of the most often heard reasons these people have told me that they want to take a hypnosis training:

1.  “I want to learn hypnosis to heal myself.”

While many are in pain, both emotional and physical, the desire to heal and release issues of the past are greatly affected by hypnosis.  Miracles of healing happen in hypnosis.

2.  “I want to help others in a real way.”

From psychologists, nursing students, other medical staff, to coaches (both personal and athletic) to pastors and teachers, anyone in a helping career, hypnosis training is a set of rewarding tools that help others make changes in a real and successful way.  It is also effective in helping them to learn to help themselves.  You are not their savior…they must take action to save themselves.  This is truly how lives change.

3.  “I want a new career.”

Today’s demand for skilled professional hypnotists has increased dramatically due to our society’s ever changing, more demanding lifestyle and environment.  The professional hypnotist market is wide and varied.  From stress management to smoking cessation to academic improvement, we never run out of people.

4.  “I’m bored.”

This world, this amazing world leaves no room for boredom.  Hypnosis training can assist in opening a whole new world of possibilities.  Perhaps being a hypnotist is a career you can get excited about, or perhaps it can help you to find one!

5.  “I want to help my family.”

It has been said that an argument could be made that every man, woman, and child would benefit from their participation in a professional hypnotist educational program.  It has also been said that the best “trainers” of children are their parents.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the skills to help your children learn exactly what they need to learn, when they need to learn it?

These are just a few of the reasons that students have chosen to take a hypnosis training. It should be noted that I am a Master Hypnotist Society trainer. What is a Master Hypnotist Society trainer?  MHS is a seasoned group of vetted hypnotist.  Each hypnotist is committed to helping each graduate secure a self owned and operated hypnosis practice.  We are committed to YOUR education.  We provide quality education and the technical knowledge it requires.  We also emphasize the business, marketing and management skills required for you to achieve financial success running your own practice.  While we cannot guarantee every student can or will become a success in the high paid field of hypnosis, we want YOU to succeed.  At MHS entrepreneurial skills, attitude and a plan of action are as important as the actual hypnosis practitioner training.  We place as much emphasis on your business success as the development of your skills as a CERTIFIED HYPNOTIST.   Have questions?  Call me at 661-209-2632 and we’ll talk.  Is hypnosis training right for you?