YOU ARE VERY SMART.  You know who you are…you know something about everything, and you love to let everyone know that you know.  If you don’t know, you can grab that cel phone and prove that you know, by pulling up the perfect know it all article.

Well, the truth is, you MAY know a lot (or a little) about SOME things, but you are blocking your ability to LEARN more about some things, by not listening.  And UH OH…your annoying.  you are actually NOT teaching anyone anything, and they are NOT impressed with your knowledge, just trying to remove themselves from your presence.  (Ever noticed how many people have to excuse themselves to go to the bathroom when talking to you?  That’s a sure sign!)

So how do you fix this?

Step 1:  Listen more.  I mean REALLY listen.  Shhhhh.  God gave you two ears and one mouth.  It’t time to use them proportionately.  Glue that mouth shut with super glue if you have to.  Listen until you actually feel what they mean.  As if you could actual feel what they feel.  Most good listeners know how to get into RAPPORT and stay in rapport.

Step 2:  Repeat in slightly different words what you think you heard.  For example:  The person you are listening to says, “The air quality seems bad today.” (Im using that as an example because for  days I’ve been near #sandfire and I’ve been hearing that alot!)  You could answer, “Yes, is the smoke bothering you?  I feel like I’ve been by a campfire for days!”  This is a simple agree and add statement that tells the person you HEARD them and agree, even adding a simple example that you understand.

Step 3:  Ask a sincere question.  This shows you care, and are interested in them.

Repeat those three steps until you see, hear and feel that they are interested in you. Then and only then should a smartypants give that little tidbit of advice you’ve been dying to say, “I hear chem-dry has a great process for removing smoke from your carpets!”


Working to help people find happiness and health since 1998, Vicky believes in the power of the mind in each individual and his/her ability to be whole and happy.   “You are not broken, YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL!”

Vicky Thomas has co-produced and co-hosted 3 radio shows in the greater Los Angeles Area:

In 2008 the “Mario and Dr. Vicky Show, It’s all About FUN!” In 2009 the “It’s a Pair-A-Docs” It’s All About Health!” and in 2010 “I-Live Today AV”

Dr. Thomas holds a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and currently owns 2 successful hypnosis clinics in Southern California. She holds trainer certificates from the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming, National Guild of Hypnotists as well being a founding board member of Master Hypnotist Society.

This has allowed her corporate outreach program to open to speaking engagements, corporate stress relief, weight loss, and smoking cessation programs. Her medical outreach programs have focused on pain management, weight management , and pre and post surgical programs. Her small business coaching has assisted many business owners to thrive throughout recent stressful economy situations. Her Destination Destiny Seminars have become the retreat people love to be part of.

You can reach Vicky at her office at Rev It Up Hypnosis


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