Im Too Busy and Exhausted to Exercise

Q:        I work 40 hours a week and have kids.  I just don’t have the energy to exercise.

A:        No sympathy.  You’ll get plenty later…


…when you are so overweight your knees can’t go up stairs.

…you are too embarrassed to wear a bathing suit.

…your lose your vision to diabetes.

…your heart gives out at 50.

…your marriage suffers from being uncomfortable with intimacy.

No success story EVER included self-pity as part of the solution.

Successful exercisers are consistent like its their JOB.

Consider if you used the same phrases for work: “too tired to come in”, “too early”, “not enough hours in the day”, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

How long would you keep your job?

You must decide you and your family are WORTH it, ACCEPT exercise as a MUST and take ACTION.

Yes, this is the hardest thing you have done in a VERY long time.

Yes, it is an emotional challenge for everyone.

But you CAN do it.

We can help make it easier by helping you shift your values and feelings.  You might even like it.

To finally succeed and enjoy the energy your family deserves call us for your Free hypnosis consultation today. 

Rev It Up! Hypnosis Centers Owner Vicky Thomas has been helping people lose weight, quit smoking and reduce stress for over a seventeen years; trained and supervised many hypnotists nationwide and has appeared on local and national radio shows.

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Why Dream Ordinary?

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Why Dream Ordinary?

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