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Every year I get those folks who find that they are noticing the symptoms of stress through this particular time of year.

No One Can Drive You Crazy…

…All they can do is give you the keys to the car!

Q: I love them, but my family is driving me crazy! I get very mad and frustrated sometimes and I can’t seem to stop eating at night. Is that emotional eating and how can I stop?


Q: Everything is so busy, I have no time to eat right!


Q: There is so much junk food in my office, and every where, what can I do?

A: Virginia Satir identified 5 ways people naturally deal with stress. One is healthy – four are not. What you are describing sounds like the distraction coping mechanism.
The subconscious mind uses distraction when it doesn’t want to face difficult emotions and turns to food, alcohol, cigarettes… all kinds of different things instead.
If you suffer from the pain of being overweight, this is most often why.
But there are two parts to stress: their stimulus and your response.
You can’t help what other people do. But you CAN alter how YOU perceive it and how YOU respond to it.
You can use hypnosis and the tools of emotional mastery to relax, look at things differently and handle them in healthier ways than destroying your body and self-esteem with fat and anger.
We’ll show you how.
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