The International Hypnotism Training Consultants began as a group of the top successful hypnotist in the nation, if not the world.  They had all chosen a mentor  (Scott McFall) who was strong in marketing, business AND personal change work.   They often had “meetings of the mind” over dinner and drinks, or breakfast and coffee.  One topic of discussion was frequently ethics and how they are often equally as important as knowledge of technique.  They realized that while most organizations who train hypnotists will certify anyone who shows up (sometimes even only on an internet site!), they wanted to be different .  They held personal responsibility, maturity and client success in equally high regard.  After a few YEARS of these discussions, they IHTC was born.  Soon, very soon, a new site will be born to help YOU find a hypnotist, mentor or trainer who can help you achieve success.
The International Hypnotism Training Consultants, LCC (IHTC) is an organization that is committed to providing superior training and guidance to present and aspiring hypnotists.  IHTC takes a proactive role in providing individuals with the resources and support necessary to allow them to become positive, contributing members of our profession.  IHTC enthusiastically supports the need to establish recognized standards for our industry and the importance of giving clients the assurance of quality from all of our sanctioned colleagues.

In the interest of advancing the professionalism of our industry, IHTC has solicited the participation of leading, successful hypnotists who operate flourishing practices to serve as board members.  It is the expectation of IHTC that through the participation of these respected leaders in our profession, IHTC will continue to serve the hypnosis field and accomplish our objectives.

Current International Hypnotism Training Consultants Board Members include:

Julie Nise, President
Southeast Hypnosis

Jeff Martin, Vice President
Lincoln Hypnosis

Marion Weist
Wisconsin Hypnosis

Robbie Spier Miller
Burlington Hypnosis Centre
905-634-4777 or 800-971-5774

Vicky Thomas
Rev It Up Hypnosis

Tim Shurr
Indiana Hypnosis

Jeff Martin
Lincoln Hypnosis

Robert Harrison
Bay Hypnosis

Heather Merrill
Raleigh Hypnosis