So, some students and I recently shared a training conference call with the topic of Advanced Rapport.  The training was about filters that people use to determine how to think, feel, and be in the world.  As the conversation moved to how people can be motivated, the topic became Away from Pain vs. Toward Pleasure.  People are always moving forward in time, it’s inevitable.  But in order to be motivated to take action, they must either be in so much pain that they do something different or have something pleasurable to move toward in order to take action.  In NLP the general theory is that it is much more empowering to strive towards pleasure, rather than move forward due to pain.  It’s sort of the proverbial carrot or stick.  So really, how much pain do you need inflicted on you in order to change your way of doing things?  If you find yourself in pain, why not call someone who can help you begin to chase the pleasure of life???  Do you need to wait until your so overweight you are sick and in physical pain?  Do your lungs have to be black?  Does your stress have to cause anxiety or panic attacks?   Rev it up! Hypnosis Center  661-209-2632