If you’ve listened to me on the radio,  or read my writing on some other forum, you know that I often run across themes in life.  Themes that show up, and smack me in the office, in my personal life, on TV, on the radio.  If I call it a theme, it’s because God, or the universe, or someone or something wants me to pay attention.  

This week’s theme is basics. Three simple health basics.

1.  WATER.  And lots of it.  Half your weight in water in ounces.  For example: someone who weights 200 pounds should drink 100 ounces of water per day!   Really? Most people ask.  Really!   The next comment is “Well I don’t like water!”  Well that’s like saying I don’t like skin.  It’s what your body is made of, for heavens sake.  So here is my water challenge.  For 1 week, place the amount of water on your counter, and carry what you should be drinking  around with you and see how much you actually drink…Your bag will get lighter as the day passes.  Add a splash of fruit juice for flavor if you must.  For each caffeinated beverage add another 2 cups of water!   And the bottled 0 calorie flavored waters are not good!  Here’s why…


2.  The crap in your food!  Here’s the challenge:  Check every product in your pantry and fridge and remove  any that have any of these three things: asparatame, msg, high fructose corn syrup.   Pull them all out and look at them.  You may be surprised.  

3.  Move your body!  20 minutes of movement a day (like walking) will immediately make you feel better.  Just do it.